Straight Talk for Real Estate Success

A La Cart Scripts

The Core Straight Talk System is designed to be followed chronologically however, in certain situations, you may just need one specific script.

Starred scripts are included in the Core System – With the Buyer & Seller Canva Files

core system

20 Scripts Including Complete Buyer System and Complete Seller System PLUS Canva Files

$ 499 .00

Buyer Presentation

Explains the home buying process and how agents are compensated. Naturally leads to signed Buyer Agency Agreement. (Script Only, No Supporting Canva File)

$ 75 .00

Seller Presentation

Designed to establish authority, rapport, explain what agents do and how they are compensation. Pre handles most objections to lead to a hiring decision

$ 75. 0

Buyer Presentation Objection Handlers

Common Buyer objections and how to handle them

$ 25 .00