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Welcome to Straight Talk! I’m Randi Szakaly, top 1% Real Estate Agent and Founder of the Straight Talk Community. If you are passionate about Real Estate and your clients BUT ALSO about running your business (vs it running you) and having the skills to predictably earn an excellent living in this field – You have come to the right place!

I did not set out to start Straight Talk. It just happened. I changed companies, I was asked to speak on a panel. It didn’t matter what question the audience (acting as real estate clients) had for me, I was ready with a reply. I was asked to write down my replies and role play them with agents. In doing that I realised that I actually follow a very specific system to weed out the riff raff. From clients to agents, I just wasn’t willing to tolerate any more nonsense. I practiced ways to say that and lovingly confront people on their silliness. In doing so, I command the respect of my clients, or, they move themselves out of my way and iI am am okay with that! And you should be too!

Once you learn the skills to generate business on demand, you don’t HAVE TO tolerate difficult clients. In fact, many of them wouldn’t be so difficult if we standardized the way that we deal with them. Have you noticed that most Doctors have a process? You get checked in, fill out the intake paperwork with your symptoms and then usually you are asked a series of questions before you get the diagnosis. Have you noticed that an accountant or mortgage broker is just the same? Meet and greet, fill out paperwork, submit documents and get an outcome? Yet in the real estate industry, in general, agents are failing to give their clients the consistent experience that they want and need. The clients are underwhelmed, and the agent is frustrated. So…. are you ready to change it?

I would like to personally invite you to raise the bar in your personal business. Light the path for other agents to do more, better, faster.

Why? Well honestly, it pays you better! You get more referrals, have happier clients and your family will thank you too!

Being a part of the Ladies of Real Estate community isn’t “just” accessing affordable ma

So……What are you waiting for? Join the Straight Talk Community today to master the scripts and systems that top agents are using to do more, serve more, make more money! Together, we can change the face of the industry, not only for the betterment of our agents and industry professionals, but for the buying and selling experience of our neighbors in our beloved communities.